Monday, October 12, 2009

This is Inga from Sweeden

It is funny that I found myself checking my Facebook on my phone while out at a club on Friday night. Kinda sad actually, when you think about it. But checking my Facebook led to an interesting night.

An old friend from college had posted a status update bemoaning her male friends who couldn't be satisfied with just being friends and wanting to know why. My reply was for her to call me. I posted my reply and sat back with my drink, watched the "dancers" and listened to the music just like any other Friday night.

About 1:30am my phone rang from a long distance number. I didn't really look at the number before I answered and headed out the door to be able to hear... "This is Inga, from Sweden." That began an odd exchange about guys and friends and how do I know you and... well a bunch of "ands."

Then it hit me - well then it sunk into my slightly buzzed head. "Bean, is that you?" My friend, who lives in San Fransisco now, had taken me up on my post and called. I haven't heard from Bean in 16 or 17 years and so began the catching up. We talked about everything from her ex-husband to old rommies. When I noticed everyone leaving the bar I asked to call her back, so I could go close my tab.

We talked till I went to bed about 5am. She told me I need to move to San Fran or at least visit. I will visit as soon as I can. But it was good to hear her voice again after all these years... I think though I will have to start calling her Inga though - I think it would be funny calling a girl from India, living in San Fransisco, a name from Sweden.


  1. Cool. But, why can't she come visit you or move to where you live? Why do gals do that, make the guy make the move. Not to dampin the good spirit of it all or anything, just something I always wondered.

  2. Good point Hillbilly, and I have mentioned that she needs to come here to see some of the old gang from college. I, for one, could use the vacation so, as soon as I can get the money and time together, I'll be winging it out west.

  3. Wasn't it nice to hear from an old friend!


  4. Well, I think your story is what FB is all about. You could be a FB poster-boy, Mike!
    Keep us posted!

  5. How great to make an old acquaintance a new connection. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I'm stalking you now:)

  6. That's cute. And to reply to Hillbilly- I guess not all girls are like that :) My boyfriend lives about 5 hours away from me and I fully plan on moving to him. It's just that it would work out better. I'd like to get out of California, he has a better job and I would love a new experience.
    I really think it depends on the situation.
    Anyway- it's always nice to catch up with an old friend! I hope things go well.

  7. Well I still haven't made it out to San Fran and "Inga" just recently got engaged... guess I'll be saving up to attend a wedding should I get an invite :)