Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Never Heard That One Before

I've been trying to find a cute humorous way of posting a couple of comments I got this weekend. I give up. I will just lay out the situations and let the words fly where they will...

So, Friday night after going to a haunted house with some friends, I decided to head out to a local dance club. After walking around for a bit I noticed this woman kept looking at me. Now there isn't anything wrong with that - kinda flattering to tell you the truth. But, when I walked up to talk to her, she actually asked me "What's a guy like you doing here?" WHAT? It's a bar on Friday night that plays decent music. Well, after I tried to explain why she wasn't convinced. She really didn't get the music part. She, apparently, is a die hard country music fan and was in a dance club - I should have asked what she was doing there. Anyway, I tried to convince her they would play about anything and to prove it I requested the DJ play a country song (I asked for George Jones, but he didn't have any). As requested, a slow country song played and this girl brightened up. Her friends went to dance. And I approached and asked if she wanted to dance... now, I have rambled on to get to what she said here. She said, "No thank you, you're too nice a guy for me." OK?!?

Now we move on to Saturday night. As I was putting on my shoes to head out to a local Martini bar, one of my ex-girlfriends called to see what I was up to. I told her where I was heading and apparently she and some friends where heading that way to. I met up with them at O'Charley's while they finished dinner and we went to the bar as a group. Now I may do a post later on the weirdness of Saturday night itself but for now I will flash forward to a conversation some hours later between me and the ex. Let me say first that I know things would never have worked out between us. The more I have dealt with her over the past couple of years since the break up the more I have realized I must have been suffering from temporary insanity when I started dating her. Good friend but not compatible in the least. Her take on it was a bit more interesting given the previous nights events though. She told me it never would have worked out because "You are too nice a guy." No kidding - her exact words.

There are so many snippets of things I could say but they just won't form into complete thoughts. Those words keep repeating in my head "You are too nice a guy" and all I can do is smirk and chuckle and wonder...


  1. Well, if two women say :" You're too nice a guy" you better believe it.

  2. Woman is such a complex creature I tell you!
    But both sexes can get the temporary insanity sometimes... bahhh*
    ps: Mike, have you thought of putting up a simple photo/pix for your great posts? it's just my humble suggestion...
    ~have a lovely evening okie*

  3. I didn't realize that there really IS such a thing as too nice of a guy. That makes mo logical sense to me at all.

    YOU aren't too nice, THEY are just too stupid.

    Just my take on it, of course.

    Thanks for stopping by my site! I'm glad to find myself a new, NICE friend!

  4. Too nice of a guy can make a woman very happy!


  5. See here's the thing. Us women, we're insanely attracted to jerks that treat us like shit. Don't ask me why. I have no reasons for you, I just know this from personal experience. It takes us a while but eventually we realize ... date the jocks and jerks, but marry the nicies and the nerds ... cuz in the end, they're the ones that'll make you happy. Anyway. It just takes most of us longer to realize we should give the nice guys a chance.

  6. Time to get hardcore "gangsta", Mr Nice Guy...shock 'em all

  7. I sometimes can't believe how stupid women are when it comes to men.

  8. From one guy's POV:

    It's a maturity thing. Some ladies aren't experienced enough to know what they want. They just want what "seems" fun.

    Some guy treating them with respect is what most young ladies consider boring.

    They want the soap opera drama. They want the bad boy. They want more than they can handle.

    And what's funny is when they finally get that, they want to change him into a nice guy.

    Then he changes or they grow up and start looking for a nice guy.

  9. Miss Rosa and Mr. Anonymous are right. For some odd reason, women seem to want the Bad Boy. The thrill and danger of these dark gods is beyond alluring. I can't explain it. I've both been there and done that. Too many times, if truth be told. The First Stupid I married was a bad boy too. But then I grew up, I matured ... or perhaps I simply got tired of being treated like scrap metal. I finally saw the light and married a Nice Guy. He, too, has lived your life. He waited a long time for the Right Girl (read: Me), but he says it was all worth it.

    He's probably just saying that to make me feel good. See? Nice Guy.