Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog Hopping

I think I am endanger of trying to follow too many blogs at once, if that is possible. Every blog I go to seems to lead me to another and then another... while I don't click to follow everyone I seem to add one or two new blogs to follow each day.

I hope I don't get to the point that I have more to read than time to write...


  1. I think the limit is 300 for blogspot.
    Hey, wait a sec...why aren't on mine?!
    anyway, I think it's a good way to network, that's how I found yours...

  2. I have been tempted to quit my blog hopping, but I am fascinated by the variety and the amount of talent out there. I am getting to know a few bloggers and enjoy the experience of community also. There is a lot to learn from the blogs, not only from the posts but from what different individuals do with their blogs.

  3. I get the same problem, but I love visiting them all.


  4. that's the best part about blogging..i love reading blogs sometimes more than writing my own..