Friday, October 9, 2009

It was bound to happen...

I had a good track record until last night/this morning...

Last year for my 39th birthday, my girlfriend - now Ex :( - gave me the best present. I'm not referring to the birthday itself or any activities but the present she gave me almost a month late. She gave me a Mr Coffee with delayed brewing. I know that doesn't sound too exciting but I consider it one of the best presents I have ever gotten for my birthday. Till then I was brewing coffee using an old tin camp coffee pot that required me to heat the water separately then pour in to brew.

The delay brew has been a life/time savor for me. I set it before I go to bed and have fresh hot coffee when I get up. In my recent bouts with insomnia this has been very handy as I haven't been getting up in time to stop and brew coffee when I finally get out of bed... now it is just there for me waiting.

Last night I set the delay and went to bed as usual (earlier than normally actually). I slept well, YEAH!!!! I got up, went to the kitchen and there on the floor was a pool of coffee. Actually it took me a minute to realize it was coffee. After looking at it, the dishwasher, the sink and then the coffee maker itself I realized what happened. I had forgotten to empty and wash out the coffee decanter last night when I set the coffee maker up. Apparently the system doesn't recognize when the decanter is full and the fresh brewed coffee escaped to the counter and then the floor since it had no where else to go. So, this morning was spent cleaning the kitchen counter and floor before breakfast. It could have been worse - the coffee could have run off the other side of the counter onto the carpet!

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.


  1. Oh dear!
    I hate that when advanced technology screwed-up like that... ;)
    Hope you are having a great weekend nevertheless!

  2. Oh sweetie.

    I'm gonna give you a clue. You MUST get your brewed coffee situation settled before any woman will look at you twice.

    The point is...get your house in order. The women will follow.

  3. Thanks, Charmaine. I'll keep that in mind.

  4. LOL! I actually shouldn't laugh too loudly. You see, this has happend to me. You are not alone in the world of "I do stupid things".

    And I don't know, Charmaine might be right, but I've seen some woman's houses that would curl your toes. Down right disgusting. One little coffee slip isn't going to have them running away, laughing, but not running away. =)

  5. The coffee is one of the most important things!

  6. This is why I drink water.

    And you don't have to "brew" milk in a fancy machine before you go to bed. Just pour it carefully in the morning when you're ready for breakfast.

    Coffee is liquified Satan!!!! :)