Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fariy Tale - With Ending

I asked your opinion for an ending type (Happy or realistic) and so I will complete the tale...

Once upon a time (you know all fairy tales happened once upon a time - no specific time though), in a land far, far away (again they never seem to be local) there lived an ordinary average guy (don't worry there will be a princess and a prince charming or two). Now this ordinary average guy worked hard, paid his bills and obeyed the laws like so many other ordinary average guys in the land but things never seemed to work out for him. You see Karma seemed to get things backwards for him. When he did something good Karma punished him, if he did something bad, well Karma punished him for that too. I guess Karma wasn't getting things backwards. Karma just didn't like him.

One day, after our ordinary average guy helped an old lady up from a fall, Karma decided it was time to cut through all the red tape and turned him into a frog. The only thing our ordinary average guy could say about it all was that he was no longer an ordinary average guy; he was an unusual talking frog. But now he couldn't work or pay his bills. Thank goodness the sheriff didn't feel like arresting a frog.

One fine day, a beautiful princess wandered by and saw the frog sitting at the edge of the pond and asked him, "Are you a prince, turned into a frog by a wicked witch?" Apparently this was a common practice a long time ago, in a land far far away.

He replied, "No, your Highness. I am just an ordinary average guy turned into an unusual talking frog."

"To bad." She said. "I would have kissed you and changed you back and we could live happily ever after."

"Oh, please!" The Frog cried. "If you kiss me and change me back I will serve you forever and do anything you ask."

She shook her head and said, "No, I am looking for a prince." And with that she walked to the other end of the pond where a real prince turned frog lived. She kissed him and went off to live happily ever after.

Now our poor, ordinary... ooops, unusual talking frog lived for many years at the edge of the pond and thought a lot about his life before and about the princess. You see, she hadn't always been a princess. In fact he had gone to school with her when they where young and he had fallen for her when he saw her again. But he knew there wasn't a chance as she had married a handsome prince many years before... and lived happily for a few years before he grew bored and went in search of a new princess. Whenever he thought of her and his life before he would sigh/croak.

One day, as he sat thinking and sighing/croaking, he heard his princess crying nearby. He hopped over to her and asked her, "Why are you crying?"

She jumped, forgetting about the "other" frog that lived by the pond. "Oh," She said, "It is you. Well, if you must know, my frog prince left me for some Mermaid slut who happened to wash up on shore. I found Prince Charming, last year, and thought I had finally found my happily ever after. But he went out in the woods the other day and came back with some lady he found asleep in a glass casket. So now I am all alone again and all the good princes are taken."

"I'm sorry to hear that." The frog replied - and he really meant it. "I wish there was something I could do for you."

"I'm sorry too, but you where just an ordinary average guy, not a prince, so I don't see what you could do."

"I can be loyal." Said the frog.

"But the jewels, the balls, the fancy dresses..."

"I may not be able to give you the finest jewels, but you can have my heart, I may not throw glamorous balls, but we can celebrate life with close friends and family and though I may not be able to buy you the newest fashion, I will be sure you have the best I can give you and you will want for nothing you need in life."

The Princess thought hard about it and leaned over and kissed the unusual talking frog who immediately transformed back into the ordinary average guy. They moved back to the village and lived (Truly) Happily Ever After.

Not all princes born have the soul of a prince. Sometimes, a knight in shining armor is just an ordinary average guy who has the heart of a prince in the body of a pauper.

I did make one slight but, to me, glaring error in the story (a missing word). This story was written without forethought (even the ending) with the first line being the only line I thought of before I started writing. I even went so far as avoiding writing any ending I was thinking if while I waited for responses.

I appreciate everyone's comments. One day I may re-write this with a bit more detail and with more attention to the different comments left.

I hope you like the ending...


  1. Mr Frog should not have given her a second chance. Surely, there must have been other Princesses out there, who would have rated him their first-hand choice. Or...?

  2. I liked the story. Well written. However, why should people get that second chance anymore? I mean, obviously ordinary guy turned frog wasn't first choice, wasn't good enough, she settled because she figured no other princes' were available. That's shit. Pure and simple. She should be dragged around by her hair and stuck in the toilet and turned into a magical peice of talking poop!

    Wow. I have issues today apparently...

  3. I think your story is beautiful. That your frog gave the princess another chance is a testament to his generosity, because sometimes it takes us humans a lot of times to get things right.

  4. what a beautiful and touching story..