Monday, October 19, 2009

Fairy Tale (without an ending)

I feel like I need to post something, but just don't have anything that is jumping out at right now. SO, I think I'll try my hand at telling a fairytale.

Once upon a time (you know all fairy tales happened once upon a time - no specific time though), in a land far, far away (again they never seem to be local) there lived an ordinary average guy (don't worry there will be a princess and a prince charming or two). Now this ordinary average worked hard, paid his bills and obeyed the laws like so many other ordinary average guys in the land but things never seemed to work out for him. You see Karma seemed to get things backwards for him. When he did something good Karma punished him, if he did something bad, well Karma punished him for that too. I guess Karma wasn't getting things backwards. Karma just didn't like him.

One day, after our ordinary average guy helped an old lady up from a fall, Karma decided it was time to cut through all the red tape and turned him into a frog. The only thing our ordinary average guy could say about it all was that he was no longer an ordinary average guy; he was an unusual talking frog. But now he couldn't work or pay his bills. Thank goodness the sheriff didn't feel like arresting a frog.

One fine day, a beautiful princess wandered by and saw the frog sitting at the edge of the pond and asked him, "Are you a prince, turned into a frog by a wicked witch?" Apparently this was a common practice a long time ago, in a land far far away.

He replied, "No, your Highness. I am just an ordinary average guy turned into an unusual talking frog."

"To bad." She said. "I would have kissed you and changed you back and we could live happily ever after."

"Oh, please!" The Frog cried. "If you kiss me and change me back I will serve you forever and do anything you ask."

She shook her head and said, "No, I am looking for a prince." And with that she walked to the other end of the pond where a real prince turned frog lived. She kissed him and went off to live happily ever after.

Now our poor, ordinary... ooops, unusual talking frog lived for many years at the edge of the pond and thought a lot about his life before and about the princess. You see, she hadn't always been a princess. In fact he had gone to school with her when they where young and he had fallen for her when he saw her again. But he knew there wasn't a chance as she had married a handsome prince many years before... and lived happily for a few years before he grew bored and went in search of a new princess. Whenever he thought of her and his life before he would sigh/croak.

One day, as he sat thinking and sighing/croaking, he heard his princess crying nearby. He hopped over to her and asked her, "Why are you crying?"

She jumped, forgetting about the "other" frog that lived by the pond. "Oh," She said, "It is you. Well, if you must know, my frog prince left me for some Mermaid slut who happened to wash up on shore. I found Prince Charming, last year, and thought I had finally found my happily ever after. But he went out in the woods the other day and came back with some lady he found asleep in a glass casket. So now I am all alone again and all the good princes are taken."

"I'm sorry to hear that." The frog replied - and he really meant it. "I wish there was something I could do for you."

"I'm sorry too, but you where just an ordinary average guy, not a prince, so I don't see what you could do."

****I have been thinking of endings here and want your opinion: Do we go for the traditional/semi-traditional happy ending or do we want our fairy tale to be a little realistic???
Tell me what you think and I will finish it.


  1. I really enjoyed your fairytale! Very creative :) I would go for the happy ending...I'm a realist, so I'd like to envision the opposite. Good luck!

  2. Happy ending. Realism is for life.


  3. So, the average (albeit unusual) talking frog says "I'm sorry" to the princess, who basically just shot him down yet again.

    I'm sorry. I think the Princess is a bit of a bitch.

    I say let her stand up, trip, fall into the pond, swallows a lot of water, frog gives her mouth to mouth, frog turns back into man (but now incredibly dapper), wins Nobel Kingdom prize for saving Princesses life, moves to Beverly Hills and lives next door to Hugh Hefner.

    The end. (You asked.)

  4. Lol!! I'm with Kathryn a bit here. The Princess was a bitch and the frog deserves better. I think maybe skip forward a ton of years and show the frog living happily as frog or king with his family and a wife who loves him. The frog can look back and be thankful for unanswered prayers. The Princess on the other hand can have at this point realized she was a horribly stuck up brat that got what she deserved in the end: nothing.

  5. "...some Mermaid slut..."

    I am dying. DYING.

  6. I say King Karma appears with two Mermaid sluts (one on each side, of course) and turns the princess into yet another mermaid slut for his underwater harem.

    Hey, what else is she gonna do? :)

  7. It's a KNOW how it's supposed to end.

    The unusual frog get's his girl.

    Maybe the frog meets another frog. A girl frog. He kisses HER and in doing so, rescues them both.