Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have been reading the blogs I follow and some new ones over the past few days, but not posting anything myself. The reason is focus. I have been suffering from insomnia for a little over a month now and have had difficulty focusing my thoughts. When I find a topic I want to share, and try a to develop it in my head, I find it going off in unusual and undesired directions. In the end I scrap the idea or file it away in that part of my mind that will forget it is there till some external sight, sound, smell or experience pulls it back front and center.

One thing I am trying to avoid is brooding over my social life. But my mind almost always wanders back to it no matter what subject I want to start. I will get around this either with some sleep, which I know will come eventually, or with a topic that overpowers my self-absorbed need to gripe and moan about my single man's mid-life crises (actually, I am trying to come up with a thought provoking and hopefully humorous blog about that...)

So, for now, I must leave you with this - Thank you for reading my posts and for your comments. I hope to have better material for you soon!


  1. Don't think about it too much - thats probably why you've got insomnia in the first place. Write from your heart and you can't go wrong.

  2. Well, I for one would love to hear about your mid-life crisis. Maybe it will make mine more palatable! I had insomnia for a year...sleeping pills..the whole nine. Without those pills I would be dead, sick and dead, because sleeps was habitually ellusiv,e causing fuzzy thinking and bad decisions. I wish you sleep "nice guy".

    A Lullaby:
    "Oh gently lay your head
    upon my chest
    I will comfort you
    like a mother
    while you rest.
    I am constant
    I am near
    I am peace that shatters
    all your secret fears..."

  3. Do something tiresome and or embarassing. One will make you want to sleep while the other will give you something to share! =) Good luck to you!

  4. Make a Word Document for ideas. Random stuff. Carry a notebook with you (they make really small ones you can fit in a pocket, my Dad carries his in the breast pocket of his button up shirts) Use that for ideas too, then type them out (doesnt matter if its one sentence or more) into the "Ideas" document. This does three things:
    1) It keeps your mind on the lookout for new material, which keeps you a little more focused.
    2) it gives you a handy list of basic ideas you can build more on later and takes away the pressure of finishing now.
    3) You wont forget them as easily and if you do, it's ok you've written them down.

    When you get a few possible posts it can open a flood gate of other ideas. When I've gone through a bought of writers block and I finally find things to write about I go over board writing 2 or more posts. I only post ONE of those and I save the others in a folder specially for later on when I have writers block again. This way when I run out of ideas most people have no idea because I almost always have something to post!

    Commenting helps me too. In fact one of the blogs I wrote last week was based off one of your observations.
    Hope that helps!!