Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

Imagine you are standing side by side with your brothers, sisters, cousins and friends watching as a large machine rolls over your family chewing them up and spitting them out the back as you scream for mercy... only to realize no one can hear you, no one understands.

Sounds horrible but it happens every day as farmers across the country harvest fields of grain, corn and other defenseless edible plants. These plants have done nothing to us and yet we thoughtlessly slaughter them.

Who will speak for these living plants... P.E.T.E.P. People for the Ethical Treatment of Edible Plants.

***Note: I wish I could take credit for this "Group" but it is the brainchild of a wonderful blogger, Hillbilly Duhn. Here is the story: P.E.T.E.P. (on a more serious note)


  1. Thank God you labeled this "humor". As a newbie, I was scared for a moment... ;-)

  2. LMAO - Okay, I don't know where I been the last couple of days, but I missed this. I follow so many blogs that some zoom by before I even know their there. But I eventually try to catch up!

    LOL that's funny, I wish I would have thought of that move when I wrote it... Thanks for supporting your local P.E.T.E.P group!