Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Yellow Rose

I haven't really had much to say lately or time to say it but I did run across this story I wrote in high school that I wanted to share... enjoy

The Yellow Rose

Golden rays float across the early morning sky. The light song of birds drifts through the air. And the only one awake in the whole world is Keith, at least he pictures himself such. he walks along the garden path, absorbing the soft visions around him. The red dew-laden roses with their barbed stems and white lilies in their small mirror surfaced ponds. At the end of the path he finds the entrance to his secret sanctuary. He crawls on his hands and knees under the blooming azalea bush into a tiny grotto with a single yellow rose, like the statue of Venus, pointing into the sun streaked heavens.

Keith stops at the flower and savors the sweet smell. He drifts into a silent limbo of thought. He remembers his foolish childhood fantasies of becoming a superhero, detective or superstar actor/singer. He recalls all his one-sided loves and the pain of not sharing his feelings. he thinks about his present infatuation, his love for Linda and his inability to express his love with her.

He examines the rose and draws forth the memory of the first he happened upon this hidden treasure. He was walking along the garden path alone one afternoon when he dropped the piece of paper he had been carrying. He looked on as the wind carried the slip of paper over the bushes. He crawled under the azaleas and was transported to his own Eden.

Since the discovery of the sanctuary he visited the garden every day - his little meditation chamber of nature. Whenever a problem arose that overwhelmed him he escaped to the seclusion of the rose.

Looking at the rose, he sees Linda. Timeless beauty shines from the peddles like the soft glow of her skin - a picture of perfection preserved in a world of its' own. A world he can enter but never seem to become a part of. A tear drifts from his face and bounces on the light peddles floating in a suspended fall to the ground. He tuns and walks away.

For a week he stays away from his Eden, dreaming about the peace he would feel if he could expose his emotions to Linda and that she would accept his love. But he only dreams.

When at last he returns to the garden, he finds an addition to his garden. A new red rose has pushed itself up through the ground to rest next to the yellow beauty. The red and yellow stand together, a pair, in a world of their own - a piece that none can ever shatter.

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