Monday, September 21, 2009

A view of love

The ideal of love all to often clashes with it's reality. Love is not some perfection in itself but a perfection to strive for. It requires work. Sometimes there will be laughter, sometimes tears, there will be good times and bad, pleasure and pain, with times of surety and periods of uncertainty. Love is a growing thing in reality. It has a life of it's own. You can read all the love quotes in the world and know only that what is said or written is only a small part of the whole and is based on the current experience of the author. Love defies even this feeble attempt to define it.


  1. Mike - Great post on A view of Love. It's so true. Love is impossible to define.....

  2. Very true :)

    I've also come to the conclusion that Happiness is another of the emotions that's a journey rather than an end product

  3. Hope you don't mind my reflection of your post here. It's fairly long.

    Love is definable actually. It shows itself in words followed closely by actions; which differ by the type of love you are seeking to define. For a mother the definition of love appears when a child randomly hugs her or the sound of little feet running down the hall to greet her in the morning. For the child love is found in the artwork brought or made at home from simple materials into something beautiful. For a husband love is defined in the silent moments at night when his wife whispers his name in sleep, a blissful expression on her face; by the sweat on his brow he gets when trying to make ends meet for his family. Love is hard work, love is fun and love can seem indefinable. But maybe the problem in defining love is that it changes to fit the mood, situation and relationship of each individual person and how they relate to the focus of their love. Yes love is definable, but to be able to define it properly you would have to completely and fully understand the person being loved as well as the person doing the loving. And that is something only God can really know.

  4. No words have even a smidgen to describe love. So many different kinds of love and I think each relationship is unique.