Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WikiLeaks - Why?

I will start by saying I have not looked deeply on either side of the WikiLeaks argument. Now for my limited view. WikiLeaks has procured documents that can compromise peoples lives, in the case of the war documents, and international relations, in the case of the State Department cables. They have decided that they have the right for some reason to make these classified documents public. Why? State secrets are not something the general public really needs to know and revelations of these kinds serve no common good when revealed. So, again, I ask - Why?

I am not going to try and answer because I have no answer. To me it just seems a power trip by a group who says we got it now we are going to flaunt it.

Now that businesses and governments are trying to stop this group from revealing secrets that where stolen from them there is a great outcry from people too afraid to identify themselves about censorship. Not only are they crying out but they are lashing out like little children against those who would stop, what I view as, an irresponsible group from doing harm to international relations and in some cases perhaps jeopardizing lives.

WHY? What good could come of this?

Anyway... that is my first response even though this has been in the news for some time.

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