Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm trying to get back...

I have been away for far too long. I am sorry. I started a new position at work that has cut back my writing for an undisclosed reason. And lately I have been spending my nights playing with my new dog, a 2 year old Scottie.

I also haven't had to many clear complete thoughts going on in my head. I have been, shall we say, scatterbrained. So this post is likely to go any where at anytime.

For those of you who believe in Karma, good for you. I, however, believe that Karma has something against me. Seems for every good deed I do I get multiple negative reactions. Let us say I am the poster child for No good Deed Goes Unpunished! (No detials for now).

I am reminded that we have enetered the Christmas season again not so much by all the Christmas music on the radio or the specials on TV but by the commercials. For those of you who missed my take on this last year please go back and read It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year... YEAH RIGHT!!! . For those who already read it, I still hate Kay and I Jarod is not getting any of my money again this year!

A friend of mine posted on Facebook, "Sometimes things from our past rise up and bite our a**. Mainly on an emotional level for me lately. Kinda weird but i thoght it was funny." We exchanged a few comments about doing good and getting bad in return. I said something about for everything good I do I get two bad things in return to which he told me to expect a third. Gee Thanks! But I had to tell him that my luck usually returns the bad and the ugly for the good. I'd hate to see what the third could be - smelly maybe?!?

A simple question: has anyone else noticed that the people who complain most about not wanting drama in their lives are the ones who seem to start and/or invite it the most?

I think I will stop for now and ponder Life, the Universe and Everything!

I do hope I can get back to regular posts!

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  1. Welcome back my friend:) I hope things are smoothing out for you. Just learn the lessons and move on... I'm a believer that all things happen to kick us around a bit so we don't make the same mistakes over and over again. That, of course, much easier said than actually believe when things just seem to be going downhill. But anyhoo, much love from South Florida and Happy Festivus!!! xoxo