Friday, November 6, 2009

A small encounter...

I am hoping to have pictures up from Halloween soon but till then I have a brief encounter to share.

Tuesday night I went out to sing karaoke. Nothing big there, I do that almost every Tuesday night. After singing my last song I walked up to the bar and a very attractive young woman told me I was sexy and she loved hearing me sing. I was flattered, until... her fiance looked at her and said, "You've never said that to me." Then he turned to me and said, "She's never told me I was sexy and we're getting married in April."

So now I'm left trying to make this guy feel better about the whole thing by pointing out that he is going home with her and I am going home alone and all that BS.

So much for being flattered - now I'm annoyed. I would chalk it up to her being drunk. I've not had really anyone just walk up and say I was sexy, but that whole thing was just wrong. I cannot believe a girl would say anything like that in front of the guy you are with unless she wasn't really "with" him, meaning the guy she is with is either her brother or gay!


  1. I put it down to the fact she had one too many...

  2. Why not just enjoy the compliment? Maybe you're sexier than you think you are. If her boyfriend was upset, that's his problem.

  3. I completely agree with injaynesworld - enjoy the compliment..

  4. Maybe it was insecurity over the marriage coming up.

  5. Enjoy the compliment and be thankful she ISNT with you! In a few of your past posts you've mentioned how you dont like being single (and I dont blame you there) at least you're not 5 months to the wedding and having to hear the woman you love tell another man he's sexy!! Poor guy!