Friday, November 13, 2009

How Computers Work

When I first began working in technical support for the company I currently work for I developed a theory for how computers work. This theory was not based in reality but was more a way for me to set my clients at ease and to lighten their mood. It goes something like this:

Most people think computers are a technical marvel full of silicon and chips that, when programmed right, will do whatever computations we need. In reality computers aren't run by logic but by a group of gremlins who have taken up residents in the box. These gremlins usually will obey the commands sent from external devices such the keyboard or mouse, though they have been known to put their own little twist on things.
Now keep in mind, these gremlins don't want to loose their home so they try not to mess things up too much but every now and again they do like to go out for a smoke break. They don't like to advertise that they are doing this but they do need to let you know they aren't available at the moment and so you get various cryptic error messages letting you know to do something else while they are out. Sometimes they have been know to forget to put up a message and your computer just "locks-up." But, when they know they are going to be out for a while they have a special screen. We Call it the "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH." On some very rare occasions you may have noticed smoke or a burning smell coming from inside your computer, this happens when the gremlins forget to go outside before lighting up their cigarettes.

Hope that explains things for you!


  1. hahahahaha I love this. I think this is similar to the working order inside of my brain. Little people at the controls, a main panel that makes everything else work. I've had this theory once on my blog, but I can't remember the title at the moment. I think you would enjoy it!

    LOL! I enjoyed this! oooh! I remembered the title, Dear Brain

  2. I bet those are the same little s.o.b.'s that hide my keys, too.

  3. Thanks Mike, I know a lot more about it now!


  4. I always thought there where hamsters in there. :)

  5. Secretia - Glad I could shed some light on things...

    Frannie - the hamsters are actually in your car engine (at least in the smaller more fuel efficient cars).