Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just Bragging

Several years ago I went to the doctor because my sinuses where in full rebellion. I hadn't been to the doctor's office in so long that I didn't even have a regular doctor so I had to pick one. When I got there they went through the usual routine of getting my weight, temperature and blood pressure before the doctor came in to see what was wrong with me. The short examination revealed sinusitis and I was given a Z-Pack to clear it up. At the time the doctor expressed some concern about my blood pressure but let it slide due to the sinus infection.

Unfortunately the Z-Pack wasn't enough and I had to go back. This time the doc didn't let the elevated BP reading slide and had me go for a blood test. The results where not good. The one number that stuck out was my Triglycerides: 577. I was sent to a cardiologist who put me on cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure meds as well as a diet. She told me I would be on these meds for life... NOT ME! I took it as a personal challenge to prove her wrong and as of 2007 I have been off all of those meds with the doctors blessings. What did it? I went from 234lbs to 166lbs (106kg to 75kg). YEAH ME!!!!!! Just felt like bragging.

SIDE NOTE: I went to the doctor for a sinus illness and left with Hypertension and Diabetes. I knew there was a reason to stay away from the doctor's office. They are only practicing you know.


  1. You look great! Fantastic job on getting healthy!

  2. You got it right - weight loss is the key to health. I wish you disclose the method that led to your methamorphosis.

  3. Love your post. Interesting blog.!First time here.
    Start following and hope you'll do the same.
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Wow. It pays off!


  5. Hmm. I'm glad you dropped a few pounds.

    It's easier to be lighter.

    Still, I'm so skinny you'd think I was anorexic.

    My cholesterol is off the charts. Around 300..crazy.

  6. I am not always the best at responding to comments but I wanted to thank all of you for yours.
    Duta - what I did was follow the diet they gave me, religiously. Most people I know who have been put on a doctors Diabetic Diet never seem to do this. I watch closely what I eat, more closely how much I eat and I try not to eat meals too close to bed time. I'll try and post a blog with more information about the diet itself later.

  7. Your personal challenge paid off! You look fantastic...and you're right about the docs, they're just practicing. :)

  8. Wow good job on the weight loss and totally hear you about the sinus infection, add that to some bronchitis and you'd end up/ sound like me

  9. Ily and Alice - thank you both!

    Alice, I hope you feel better soon.

  10. Mike, you are a shining example of self control. Mind mastery over the human body.
    Well Done!


  11. Im sure ur friends do not recognize u....

    great proud of u
    keep up the good trend

  12. Wow, great job. Just dropped by for a visit, enjoyed your blogs. Thanks.

  13. Being healthy is so important...congrats!