Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Second Chances - A thought

I was reading a survey posted by a friend (ex-Girlfriend) where one question asked "Do you give out second chances too easily?" It made me think. Do I? And the answer is varied...

For friends: Can you ever?
For relationships: I have only had the opportunity once and I was shot down trying
For Family: Second chances are a no brainer.

But it also made me think about second chances in relationships and me, meaning someone giving me a second chance. And I realized, even though I have never had anyone break up with me because I did something, no one has ever given me a second chance.

Is it unusual to never GET a second chance?


  1. I have drawn the line in the sand so many times in relationships. Nope, not ever. Again.
    And yet, each time I just move my line back a little...

    I guess I'm a little TOO forgiving.

    My brother tells me that some people mix up 'kindness' for a sign of 'weakness'. I don't like to think I'm weak, I'm just optimisitc.

    Unuasual to not get a second chance?
    I'd say Yes. But perhaps in the long run, maybe it might have saved you some heartache.

  2. I don't think you can be TOO forgiving.

  3. The whole second chances thing, I don't really know I make it a policy not to have policies when it comes to matters of the heart, be it friendship or otherwise. Hey if you feel like you want to give something another shot, why the hell not. Somebody probably felt the same way about you at some point ya know? Now there is something to be said about being just silly but ya know, why not? Live your life!