Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm getting too old for this sh....

In the past month or so, I have managed to pull a couple of all-nighters. Not such a big deal when I was younger, but I'm not really able to do this crap much these days. The funny part about them was the similarities.

Night one: A friend from high school was coming in town for Thanksgiving so a group of us decided to get together at a bar downtown called Veet's. We had a great time catching up and telling old war stories from high school - well, I listened to old war stories, I was a good kid who never did anything (meaning: My mother taught at my high school and so I couldn't get away with anything if I wanted to). We talked, we drank , we sang... ok so we didn't sing but we did talk and drink, until those in our group with children decided it was time to depart. By this time I had gotten a message from the wife of another high school friend that she and some others where on their way to Chantilly's, another club not downtown. So, those who didn't go home went to the next bar. We got there, I danced my friends laughed, I didn't see them laugh but I'm sure they did, then they left. And I finished the night with three woman, one married to a friend from school, one dating a friend from school (not the same friend) and one just a friend of the group. We drank some more, I was the designated "husband" or "boyfriend" as needed to scare off the annoying predators trying to hook up with my friends till we ventured out to Denny's for breakfast. We had a great time talking and joking over breakfast food and coffee with the exception of my friends wife (by the way I should note here that she has become one of my very best friends) brought up my ex girlfriend... somewhat the buzz kill. Then home to crawl into bed at about 5AM.


Night two: This past weekend we decided to have another get together at Veet's with more friends coming home for the holidays. We had a great time exchanging old war... ok I won't go into that part again. We drank, we talked - still no singing. Till we pretty much closed the bar down. At which point, I moved on to Chantilly's having gotten a message from a couple of friends that they where on the way there. Not the same group of friends this time. I went alone this time as everyone else was acting their age, and met up with two girls and one guy I went to school with. Funny note here - the guy was the missing boyfriend (now ex) from the previous all-nighter. I WAS going to be good but they forced me to drink more and by that I mean they handed me the drinks... didn't take much to twist my arm. We drank and talked and laughed. I did not dance this time. Then we headed out to Waffle House and ended up at Denny's, in the same booth I had been in about a month before. We had a great time joking, laughing and talking over various breakfast foods and coffee until... wait for it... one of the girls brought up my ex girlfriend. This time though we had the additional buzz kill of dealing my buddy's ex girlfriend and while neither night really went down hill on these topics they where not the best way to end a night. We finished eating and headed out into the morning. Again I was in bed around 5AM.

I AM GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS SH... but it is way too much fun to not let it happen again.


  1. Sometimes you've got to go for it to prove to yourself you still can.

  2. I'm with ya. My sisters and I went to the movies the night before Christmas (they have awesome ticket deals at the local theater) then we decided to stay up half the night talking. Needless to say all three of us were tired and cranky all day Christmas day even though this is a family tradition. I couldnt help but think "I'm too old to try and pull all nighters" with every sip of coffee I drank. It's been three full days since and I'm still tired. Lol.

  3. Over the past few months I have done the same thing. Definitely too old for it.

  4. That's so funny! I feel the exact same way. The next day after great nights like these I feel like I wanna puke, but end up never regretting it because in the end a little nausea is worth the amazing memories. I am, however, getting WAY too old for this shit!!! AGREED. :))))